Ultrazone Extreme Lazer Tag

964 Lake Arrowhead Road, Myrtle Beach , 29572


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About Ultrazone Extreme Lazer Tag

Looking for the ultimate attraction? Look no further and have the excitement of a lifetime at Ultrazone Extreme Lazer Tag. Although you will find Ultrazones located all across the US, this North Myrtle Beach location is a must-visit! The North Myrtle Beach Ultrazone has been offering some of the best lazer tag since 2017! Recently, they remodeled this location and have an all-new lobby as well as arena.

Ultrazone offers numerous different games as well as rounds. Their best value pricings are on power play evenings on Friday and Saturday. They offer single-game rounds but recommend the triple-play round for the most fun. Additionally, if you find yourself sparking a true passion for lazer tag, Ultrazone offers all-day play passes as well as their most popular, never expiring, triple-play pass. Ultrazone is also a great option to have unbeatable parties and birthday parties, no one will forget!

Each game at Ultrazone lasts around 10 to 15 minutes with around 10 minutes of instruction time before. Players should expect to be at Ultrazone for around 1 ½ hour to have the best experience possible. While playing you will strap on your lazer vest and step into a dimmed, foggy labyrinth and play among teammates and the enemy!

Ultrazone lazer tag is a great place for family and friends of all ages to have a thrilling day playing state-of-the-art lazer tag games, arcade games, and more!

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